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Adult Coloring Books – Mandalas for Mindfulness – Black and White Edition Volume 4

Calling all lovers of ‘Adult Coloring Books’ with black background coloring pages? Do you love to color black background pages as much as I do? If that is you, then I’ve got some exciting news! You see, I’ve just released … Continue reading

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Is Fear and Anxiety at the Root of Your Procrastination?

Procrastination can manifest itself in many forms and for many reasons.  It’s primarily the avoidance of a task or project that needs to be done usually within a certain timeframe.  Few of us have escaped the clutches of procrastination at … Continue reading

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Stress Relief Tools for Mental Health

When you are overwhelmed by mental and emotional stress, it can take over your entire life. You lose focus and motivation, your self-confidence is shot, and sometimes it is hard to just get out of bed. It is important that … Continue reading

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What Is Mindfulness?

So you’ve probably heard the word ‘Mindfulness’ being mentioned before and most probably associated with topics such as stress, anxiety and depression.   But do you really understand what it means? Continue Reading

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What Is Depression?

Do you know someone who has depression? Have you or someone in your family been diagnosed with depression? Even if we are dealing with depression in ourselves or our families, we may not know what it really is. Is it … Continue reading

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