My Coloring Organizer

My Coloring Organizer by Nerine MartinMy Coloring Organizer is the most comprehensive journal you can have to record all your favorite coloring information and color charts, all in the one place. 
Forget the scrap pieces of paper or post-it-notes, ‘My Coloring Organizer’ is going to be your best friend and the No. 1 ‘must have’ accessory for coloring fanatics! 
Inside you’ll find 108 pages of various list and color chart templates such as:  
* My Coloring Book Collection 
* My Coloring Book Wish List 
* My Favorite Artists 
* My Coloring Friends 
* My Favorite Facebook Coloring Groups 
* Coloring Teams I’m On 
* Coloring Groups I Have Created  
* Coloring Groups I Help Admin For 
* My Favorite Coloring/Art Blogs 
* My Favorite Pinterest Boards 
* My Favorite YouTube Channels 
* Upcoming Coloring Events 
* Coloring Contests & Challenges 
* Favorite Coloring/Art Websites 
* My Coloring Supplies 
* My Coloring Supplies Wish List 
* Etsy & Art Stores 
* Pencils Color Chart 
* Crayons Color Chart 
* Gel Pens Color Chart 
* Fineliners Color Chart 
* Markers Color Chart 
* My Favorite Pencil Blends 
* My Favorite Marker Blends 
* My Favorite Color Palettes 
* My Coloring Tricks & Tips 
* Helpful Hand Exercises 
* Mindfulness Exercises 
* Notes  
* Color Wheel Theory  
* PLUS 5 Bonus Illustrations 
‘My Coloring Organizer’ also makes the perfect gift for Colorists that have ‘everything’!

Click on the ‘Look Inside’ button below to preview all of the templates included in the coloring organizer.

The Color Your Way To Happy adult coloring book series, offers you an escape from the daily pressures of life, to a relaxing state of calm and mindfulness.

Grab your copy of ‘My Coloring Organizer’ today and go ‘Color Your Way To Happy’.

My Coloring Book Organizer and Planner

My Coloring Book Organizer and PlannerMy Coloring Organizer and Planner